Welcome to SK Ventures

SK Ventures is a seed stage firm that
invests in entrepreneurs that are science-driven,
deep experts in their startup’s domain.

Run by Paul Kedrosky and Eric Norlin, SKV focuses on providing practical guidance, valuable connections, and a pathway to further rounds of funding…..or even, (gasp!) profitability.

Eric and Paul bring unique thinking, insight, and judgment.

Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz

For Wealthfront, the most important question is not capital, but the quality of the investor that comes with that capital. We feel fortunate to have SK Ventures as a partner at Wealthfront.

Adam Nash, CEO, Wealthfront

One of the smartest investors and advisors I know.

Chris Anderson, 3D Robotics


Eric Norlin

Eric Norlin

General Partner

Eric Norlin began organizing technology conferences in 1999. In 2002, he became an owner and organizer of Digital ID World, which was acquired by IDG via a joint venture in 2005. He went on to found conferences like SaaScon (Software as a Services conference) in conjunction with IDG World Expo, as well as work on conferences like LinuxWord. Since 2007, Eric has started and runs three successful technology conferences with his wife, Kim: Defrag and Glue.
Eric’s foray into technology began when his father brought home a Commodore 64, evolved into work with the National Security Agency, and transitioned into roles running content for technology conferences, writing articles for technology publications and serving as a vice president of marketing at an identity technology startup (Ping Identity). Eric’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Inc. Magazine, CNet and NetworkWorld.
In May, 2011, Eric founded SK Ventures, a seed fund focused on early-stage investing around the themes he explores at Defrag and Glue.
Eric has an undergraduate degree in South Asian Studies, and several certifications in areas that the government doesn’t want him to mention.

Paul Kedrosky

Paul Kedrosky

General Partner

Dr. Kedrosky is an investor, writer, and entrepreneur. He is a sought-after speaker; a contributing editor for Bloomberg; and the editor of Infectious Greed, one of the best known business blogs. He is frequently quoted in major publications around the world. Dr. Kedrosky is also formerly a Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, where he is focused on entrepreneurship, innovation, and the future of risk capital.
Earlier in his career, Dr. Kedrosky founded the technology equity research practice at HSBC James Capel. As a highly-ranked technology equity analyst, transactions with which he was involved created in excess of a billion dollars in public market value. Dr. Kedrosky was one of the first analysts to cover Internet companies, as well as making early and timely calls in networking and communications.
Dr. Kedrosky has a Ph.D. in the economics of technology (which he mostly uses when bluffing outside of poker), a master’s degree in finance (which he mostly uses when bluffing in poker), and an undergraduate degree in engineering (which a professor once said he would take away, if he had the means).


Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam is a computer scientist, author, and investor. Ramez is the co-chair of the Energy and Environment program at Singularity University at NASA Ames. He’s also the award-winning author of five books, including theNexus series of science fiction novels and the non-fiction The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet, which charts a course to innovate our way past challenges in energy, food, water, and climate. Ramez’s books have won the H.G. Wells Award, the Prometheus Award, the Endeavour Awards, been listed as an NPR Best Book of the Year, and have been shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke and Philip K. Dick awards.

Ramez spent 15 years in software, including 13 years at Microsoft, where he led teams working on machine learning, information retrieval, and internet scale systems.

Ramez speaks around the world on innovation, exponential technology, and solutions in climate and energy, and invests in innovative energy startups. His work has appeared in or been quoted in The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe EconomistThe AtlanticSlateBusiness WeekDiscoverWired, and Scientific American. He’s appeared on MSNBC, on Yahoo Finance, and has spoken to audiences on four continents, from Istanbul to Shenzhen; from Buenos Aires to Washington DC.

Follow Ramez on twitter: @ramez or visit him at http://rameznaam.com





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