We’ve been considering adding a special advisor or two to the SK Ventures team for some time now. For us, it’s always been about the right combination of a few things: 1) our relationship with that advisor; 2) not screwing up the existing dynamic that Paul and I have (because we’re really happy with that); and 3) adding someone that expands our network of startups that we interact with.

Accordingly, we’re exceedingly pleased to announce that Ramez Naam is joining us as our first Special Advisor.

I’ll let Mez’s bio speak for itself, but one thing of particular note is his recent acceptance of the Philip K. Dick award.

Ramez brings his expertise in several cutting edge technology areas to our universe of “deep science/domain expertise” founders and startups.

So, a huge “welcome,” to Ramez. It’s great to have him join us in this role.