Hello, world.

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Hello, world. You may have heard of us, but I’m assuming that most of you haven’t. We’re SK Ventures (“skv”), and by “we’re” I mean, Paul Kedrosky and Eric Norlin. We’ve been investing since 2011, and we’ve been around the tech scene for much, much longer than that. Since you may not know who we are, I thought I’d do a list of some random facts about SKV:

  1. We’re entirely virtual. You’ll most often find Paul in the mountains (skiing or biking), and Eric on the beach (not skiing or biking).
  2. Our first investment was in a hardware startup (Sphero, of BB-8 fame).
  3. We continue to be “hardware” investors, though often, that means investing in software companies that are enabled by what’s happening with hardware.
  4. We have 3 (maybe 4, okay, maybe 5, depending upon how you slice it) investments in the “drone space.”
  5. We’ve invested multiple times in the fantasy sports space (and continue to do so).
  6. We love investments like 3Scan – what we refer to as “deep science” investments.
  7. Most of our LP’s are themselves VC’s (which is a little unique for a fund).
  8. Paul’s from Canada. Eric’s from Wisconsin (southern Canada).
  9. We tend to be contrarian, but not for contrarian’s sake.
  10. We’ll be blogging a bunch more in the future about robots, drones, rockets, deep science investing, and daily fantasy sports.

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